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Welcome to the MartNet Dial-up Access Phone Numbers Database

Search for MartNet Access Numbers:

Enter your phone number to Search for a LOCAL ACCESS NUMBER:

Phone: ( ) -

Search by Area Code:    

Search by State:  

NOTE: MartNet has 3100 dial-up numbers in 50 states, so this list is quite long!
Dial-up Numbers for our home town, Philadelphia, PA. Yo!
    Philadelphia - University City215-966-7827
    Philadelphia - Zn 1267-386-7010
    Philadelphia Zone 2267-298-1471
    Philadelphia Zone 41215-929-7827
    Philadelphia Zone 44215-302-1111
    Philadelphia Zone33267-419-1491
    Philadelphia Zone38267-495-1006
    Philadelphia Zone39267-532-1771

You can dial in to any MartNet Access number and log in with "username@martnet.com" and your password ("username" is the MartNet username, or login name, you chose when activating your account. It is also the first part of your e-mail address.)

Our All-Digital Dial-ups are all served by multiple DS-3s for the fastest possible Internet Access, and support v.90 56K, single channel ISDN, and all older Analog Async modem standards.


Although we are providing these numbers, MartNet cannot be held responsible for individual's phone bills should your Local Phone Provider not provide local service to any given area. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you contact your local phone provider to confirm that a number is, in fact, local to you, according to the local or regional calling plan you have with your local phone company.

How to change your dial-up Number:

In MacOS:

  • Open the Remote Access Control Panel (in the Apple Menu, in the Control Panels folder.) The phone number should be right there.
  • Change the phone number. Close the control panel to save the changes. (it's that simple!)

In Windows (95, 98, NT, 2000)

  • Open My Computer (on the desktop)
  • Open the "Dial up Networking" folder.
  • Right click ONCE on the Connection Icon for MartNet (hopefully named "MartNet" or something descriptive like that.) Select "Properties" from the menu that pops up.
  • The Phone Number should be right there. Change it to one of the numbers listed above. Close the control panel to save the changes.

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