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E-Mail - Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions about using Internet Mail
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45 Questions and Answers were found:
Do you offer DSL? No? Why don't you offer DSL anymore? 

Sorry, MartNet does not offer DSL or Cable Modem access. If you need something faster than v.90 56K dial-up, unfortunately you will have to choose another provider.

Due to several of them fouling up horribly, dropping connections frequently, and even occassionally going out of BUSINESS (this happened to us), we no longer offer any DSL service. We are however looking for a reliable DSL provider we can recommend.

That said, look for cable access in your area. The cable companies have the infrastructure already going right to your house... it's faster (usually, check stats) than DSL, more stable, and the modems look cooler =8).

Comcast and Time/Warner/AOL are busy buying up the cable world... go to www.home.com or www.roadrunner.comand see if your area's covered, or call your cable provider. Because of so many parallel techologies now offered (dialups, DSL, cable, wireless, and multiple providers of each), hunt about for what sort of specials they're having - they're going crazy trying to get subscribers. No contract, the cost is added to the comcast cable bill (if you have Comcast, which in the greater Philly area you probably do by now).

Some of our staff recently got @home and managed to wrangle free installation, 3 months free including free modem rental, and $40 bucks a month after that. Testing the connection at random times shows an average connection of 1.1Mbps. Yes, 1100k. Downloads clock in around 100-300k sustained transfer (so much depends on the remote system with downloads, of course).

Everytime I check my email I keep getting the same messages over and over again. Why is that? 
It's probably caused by a stuck temporary mail "lock file". It is sometimes caused when your connection is dropped in the midddle of checking your email. Usually it will clear up after after a few minutes. It could also be caused by filling up your mail spool and going over quota. If it doesn't clear up, give us call or email us at support@martnet.com and we'll try to clear it up for you.

It may also not be clearing up because your are over your disk quota. See this page for more details about your disk quota.

How can I collect my email when I am not at home? are there any websites that would allow me to connect to Martnet? and then to my messages? 
We have an online mail service at http://www.martnet.com/webmail Just enter your username and password there and you can read your mail from any computer that has a web browser.

How do I address an email in Netscape using the address book? 
  • From any Netscape Communicator window, click on the File menu, select New, and then select Message.
  • Click on the Address button to open the address book.
  • Highlight the address of the recipient, click on the To: button, and then click on OK.

Note: If you included a nickname for the recipient in the address book, you need only type the nickname at the To prompt and then press Enter. The complete e-mail address of the recipient will appear in the address box.

How do I change the reply to address in Outlook Express? 
First, go into tools, then accounts. Select the 'MAIL' tab, then 'properties' This will bring up your Martnet mail settings. In the box labeled "Reply Address" simply enter the email address you wish to be replied to. Select 'Apply' then 'Okay' and you're finished!

How do I compress email to save space? 
Save valuable disk space by compressing your email folders. If your mail client doesn't do this automatically, execute these steps. In Netscape Messenger, click the File menu and select Compress Folders. In Outlook Express, highlight your folder(s), click File, select Folder then Compact. Most email software includes this feature. Check the Help file for instructions if you use a different client.

How do I delete an address book entry in Netscape? 
  • Go to the Communicator menu and select Address Book.
  • Highlight the entry you want to delete and then click on the Delete button.

How do I edit an address book entry in Netscape? 

To edit an address book entry:

  • Go to the Communicator menu and select Address Book.
  • Double-click on the entry that you want to edit. The Card for Name window, where Name is the name of the person, will appear.
  • Edit the address card and then click on OK.

How do I filter email? Can I stop getting mail from luser@lamesite.com?  
The easiest way is to turn on your MartNet SpamAssassin Mial filters and use the "blacklist" function to block email from address that that you don't want to receive mail from. Click this link for more information on the Spam Filters

How do I get my messages in Martnet Webmail to come up in Outlook? 
In the webmail interface, click the "options" button from the menu after you log un, and make sure the first check box, titled "Remove from server:" is unchecked.. Once unchecked, click the 'save key' in order to make the changes permanent. What that will allow you to do is view the messages in webmail, and also download them via outlook. For the messages already in webmail that aren't being downloaded by outlook, you might have to forward them to yourself in order for them to move back into your mail spool.

How do I include multiple attachments in an email? (Outlook) 

Start a new message, then drag and drop a file from Windows Explorer into the mail composition window.

Using this method, you can highlight multiple files, and drag and drop in one operation.

How do I log in to my MartNet WebAdmin control panel? 
Go to http://webadmin.martnet.com/ and select either WebAdmin for Dial up Customers or WebAdmin for Virtual Hosting Customers. Then log in with your username and password. Note: account names do not include "@martnet.com" or "@YOURDOMAIN.com:"

How do I set up an autoresponder? 
We've changed the way our auto responder works, so please read carefully

Autoresponder can now be activated at the MartNet WebAdmin control panel.

-Log in with your username and password to the WebAdmin interface.
-In the "Mail" section, click on the button that's labeled "Email-Auto Responder". Enter the subject, the From address and the message and click "Enable Vacation" to turn it on. To Turn it off, just log back in and click "Disable Vacation"

I can receive mail from my MartNet virtual hosted email account, but when I try to send I get a "server not found" error message. I am connecting though another ISP (DSL, dial up or otherwise) and not a MartNet dial up account. Why can't I send mail? 
The problem could be that your ISP blocks traffic on port 25, which is the port that email is sent out on. Many ISP's block traffic on port 25 to stop spammers from abusing their mail servers. NetZero, Comcat, Earthlink, At&T and many other large ISP's do this. If you are unable to send, but can receive, you may want to contact the ISP that provides your connection to the internet and ask them if they block port 25 and how you can send your mail. Most of the time it's just a matter of changing your "outgoing" or SMTP server to the SMTP server of your ISP. For example, instead of having your outgoing mail server be set to POSTOFFICE.YOUDOMAIN.COM, you would set it to smtp.comcast.net or smtp.netzero.net (depending on your ISP).
UPDATE: It appears AOL is blocking port 25 traffic now too. See this page for more details: http://support.martnet.com/content.php?get=194

I have a shell account on home.martnet.com. My email froze, so I logged out, rebooted, and logged back on. Now my Inbox folder is "READ ONLY". I can't delete any messages from it. This has happened before and usually corrects itself within 5-10 minutes. But it has now been almost 20 minutes and it's still "read only". What's the reason for this?   
Use the 'ps' command to list any processes running (you may need to use 'ps -aux | grep USERNAME' to see processes still running in the old shell). There's probably still a copy of pine running, and the 'ps' command will show you this process, plus the ID of the process(es). Use the 'kill' command ('kill -9 IDNUMBER') to kill the old processes. You may also want to look into running 'screen' which creates a virtual terminal on top of your shell. If your connection drops for whatever reason, you can SSH back in and resume your screen session ('screen -r') and just pick up where you left off.

I have been reading online about Verizon's new email policy: "Verizon e-mail servers will not deliver any mail originated by Verizon customers unless they have an e-mail address that ends in verizon.net, bellatlantic.net, or a ''domain name'' corresponding to a World Wide Web domain hosted by Verizon." I have Verizon DSL. What's up with this?    
You can still use MartNet Hosting Services and your Virtually Hosted E-Mail to send mail which appears to come from your MartNet account (ie. YOURNAME@YOURDOMAIN.com ) with Verizon DSL or most other ISP's.
FIrst, make sure your OUTGOING MAILSERVER is set to YOURDOMAIN.COM (where YOURDOMAIN.COM is any domain of yours hosted here at MartNet.) You must check your email account first, then you can send your outgoing email. You will only be able to send mail for a short while after checking your mail.

NOTE: If you get an error such as "YOURDOMAIN.COM" (or whatever your outgoing mailserver is set to) COULD NOT BE CONTACTED; THE SERVER MAY BE DOWN or some similar medssage, Your ISP may be blocking ALL mail traffic to foreign mail servers (including ours.) Our mail server isn't down - you're ISP is blocking your access to it. Some ISP's do this in an attempt to slow the spread of spam (this method DOES NOT work...), or to force their ISP customers to also subscribe to their own Web Hosting Services. We recommend that you contact your ISP for assistance and/or to complain about this.

I keep getting spammed (spam is unsolicited junk mail)! Why do you let people send me this junk?? Can't you stop it? 
Check out our SPAM FAQ page at http://www.martnet.com/spam for more information on how you can stop spam.

I think I can MAKE MONEY FAST!!! on the Internet. Why don't more people take advantage of this exciting opportunity? 
These "exciting opportunities" are usually illegal and highly frowned upon. The most common scheme involves sending $1.00 to each of five people on the list, and you instruct them to add your name to the list and send it out to many different people. That way, the people who are on the list get to collect all sorts of money from all sorts of people who get copies of the original mail with their names on it. Please understand that this is illegal, and will be cause for the immediate suspension or termination of your account. And in case you're wondering, the Justice Department says that recent versions of the scam that feature recipe services, mailing lists, etc, are not any more legal than their predecessors, no matter what the authors of these messages might claim.

I try to get to webmail via my domain, and I get a '404 page not found' error. What's wrong? 
The link yourdomain.com/webmail is case sensitive. "webmail" must be typed in lower case, or you will get an error message.

I use Outlook to check my mail via IMAP and all of the sudden my mail has disappeared! Where did it go?!  
Outlook often does Goofy Things to your mail spool file and corrupts it. The easiest way we found to correct it, is to go into "Tools/Accoounts" in Outlook and delete your current account settings and then recreate it. It's not the most elegant fix, but it is the quickest.

I was curious about setting up a mailing list for my MartNet Hosted Web Site. I was wondering, what sort of mail program do you use? Do you have any kind of included scripts for handling mailing lists? If not, what would you suggest would be appropriate for setting one up?    
MartNet does not maintain any sort of mailing lists, so we have no use for nor do we recommend any particular mailing list package.

HOWEVER, A number of our virtual hosting customers do use DadaMail (http://mojo.skazat.com). It is free, open source, simple to set up, and has a very nice, intuitive, Web based management interface. Setting DadaMail up if you choose to use it is your responsibility. Be sure to read the README.txt file that comes with the package and follow all instructions. Refer to the DadaMail web site and the MartNet Support Site (using your own custom CGI's at http://support.martnet.com/content.php?get=66) if you have any questions about how to set up DadaMail or any other CGI of your choosing.

There are only 3 settings in the CONFIG.pm file you need to set, and the rest can be configured from the Web interface (be sure to set permissions properly when uploading the files!) The path to the nesessary mail program is "/usr/lib/sendmail" which is DadaMail's default, so you don't even need to set that variable.

I was reading alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.really.really.nasty, and I saw things I'd like to keep for my perusal at a later date. I should email them to my MartNet account, right?  
NO! Please do not email yourself multiple binaries. That is a lusermove of the first degree, and is frowned upon by the admins who read postmaster mail and see multiple "unable to create output" error messages because you have mailbombed yourself with binaries and gone over quota. It is *strongly* suggested that you use the save function of your newsreader to save these articles. In tin, you use the s command. Other software has other commands. If you ask us about your software, we may be able to help, or to point you in the right direction. Mailbombing yourself (and effectively mailbombing postmaster@martnet.com) with binaries is a Bad Thing!

I'm trying to send and attachment through Webmail and it keep bringing me back to the log on screen. What's wrong? 
This problem only occurs if you are using a Macintosh (with OS 9.x or earlier) and Internet Explorer. Try using another browser, such as Netscape Communicator, Opera, or Omni Web.

If I don't check my MartNet email often, how can I forward all email going to my MartNet account to a different address, or a bunch of addresses?  

You can forward all incoming mail to as many addresses as you like in Mail Forwarding in you MartNet WebAdmin control panel.

I'm getting an email that says:" Hello there, I would like to inform you about important information regarding your email address. This email address will be expiring. Please read attachment for details."
What does this mean and is this from MartNet?"
It's not from MartNet but it is from a nasty little worm called MiMail. DONT OPEN THE ATTACHMENT. It send copies of itself to addresses it finds on an infected machine, and makes them look like they are coming from "admin@whatever your email domain is.com" It's probably from someone who has your email address on their computer but you should always use a virus scanner on your own, just in case.
For info about the worm check here:
More detailed technical info can be found here:

I'm getting "returned email" notices to my mail box for emails that I never sent out. Why is that? 

The returned email messages are most likely a result of a virus that has forged your address and is sending out emails as you. The problem with these viruses is that they forge the To: and From: addresses in the emails and they gather the address from the infected computer. So if someone who is infected has your email address somewhere on their computer, like in their address book, then the worm can possibly send itself to you, or send itself to someone else and make it look like it's coming from you. Which is why you may be getting returned emails from things you never sent. This does not necessarily mean that you are in infected, just that someone that has your email address has been infected.

Unfortunately, there's not much that we can do to stop viruses from using your email addresses since those messages are sent from another computer. Please see http://martnet.com/virus for more details

I'm switching over to a high speed connection, but I'd like to keep my "@martnet.com" email address, can I do that? 
Yes. We offer a low cost email only for our customers switching to broadband at only $24.95 for a year of just email service. Everything operates the same as before, and we just turn off the dial up access.

My friend told me he tried to send me mail and it bounced because of an "unable to create output error" - what does that mean?  
You are most likely over quota. You have a 10 mB quota on our servers, and that is the total amount of MartNet disk space you can use. You may use it for mail, webfiles, or whatever you want, but if you fill it up, you'll bounce mail and generally upset the system.

You can check your quota using the quota tool in the MartNet WebAdmin control panel.

Outlook: All my folders and addresses disappear 

This applies to:

Microsoft Outlook 2000


After customizing your Outlook Today screen, your calendar items, tasks, and folder names disappear.


You selected an Outlook Today screen display style in combination with a color scheme for your computer's Display properties that resulted in some text displaying as white-on-white. One combination that can cause this is the "Winter" Outlook Today style and the High Contrast Black display scheme.


Use a different Outlook Today screen display style or a different colour scheme for your computer's Display properties.

Someone just e-mailed me a virus and now it's taken over my computer and mailed itself to all my friends, and they're really ticked off. Then they Back-Orificed my machine and stole all my files. Now I have to reformat my hard drive and reinstall everything. Why did you let someone e-mail me a virus? 
The short answer is that YOU allowed a virus to infect YOUR computer.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you probably could have prevented the incident with a good commercial virus detection package that automatically updates it's virus definitions daily.

We recommend Norton Anti-Virus (www.symantec.com). It runs on all flavors of MicroSoft Windows, MacOS 7,8,9, and X (AKA NextStep 5), OS/2, Netware, Solaris, AIX, and AS400/OS. Bet you didn't know there were so many computing platforms out there, let alone viri that could wreak havoc on those systems, eh?

Please note that MartNet does not do any kind of virus scanning on our mail servers - the volume of mail that passes through our servers precludes us from checking every message AND such systems are prone to false alarms and flagging and deleting legitimate mail destined for our customers. Mail Server level virus detection systems are primarily designed to protect corporate Intranets which are connected to the Internet through a firewall.

We HIGHLY recommend that ANY computer user install a good virus detection software package on EVERY computer system they use, whether connected to the Internet or not, AND be sure to keep their software up to date (update virus definitions daily, or whenever you connect to the Internet for maximum protection.) Also be sure to back up all important data on your computer often, as NO virus detection software is 100% effective.

Also remember, while the vast majority of viruses affect systems running some version of MicroSoft Windows and are spread via E-mail these days, there are other ways to get a virus over the Internet, and there are known viruses that affect MacOS, LINUX (yes there ARE destructive Linux viri out there...) and just about every other modern Operating System, though these viruses are far less common. A good commercial virus detection program running on all your computers is the best way to prevent an infection, and good backups are the only way to guarantee complete recovery when a virus does slip past the detection software and infects your machine.

Someone sent me unsolicited mail and I mailbombed them. Why did I get in trouble for that? 
Read the Net-Abuse FAQ. JD Falk graciously hosts it at http://www.cybernothing.org/faqs/net-abuse-faq.html You need to understand that we cannot condone net abuse of any kind by users of our system. Two wrongs don't make a right. If you are having trouble getting a particular offsite user to stop sending you email, please contact support@martnet.com.

What are the rules around here? I never got a copy! 
The basic rules are available online here . Please check them out and feel free to write in with comments or questions.

What is my username? Is it my email address?? 
Your username is the up to eight character all lowercase word you use in combination with your password to log into your MartNet account. It is also the part of your email address before the @ sign. Your email address is in the format username@martnet.com

What is POP mail? 

Post Office Protocol (POP) is the original method used to access your e-mail. POP works by downloading all the messages in your Linux inbox to your PC or Mac.

This method works well if you primarily access your e-mail from one computer. If, however, you are using more than one PC or Mac, messages will be downloaded to both machines. Consequently, keeping track of which messages are on which computer can be difficult.

Another potential drawback to using POP is that if you selected the option of keeping a copy of your messages on the server as well as downloading them to your computer, then you must periodically log in to your Linux account to delete your messages. Otherwise, your disk quota may be exceeded. Still, POP offers an easy-to-use method for accessing e-mail for persons primarily using one computer.

What is the Klez Virus?  
This one's been popping up lately, and while it's not terribly malicious, it's a major annoyance.


As always, it's highly recommended that you have a recent virus scanner installed on your system. If you do receive email from a friend with the virus, tell them.

What's the format for date/time for cron?  
There are six things, all seperated by spaces. For example, it might look like this: 01 3 4 * scriptname Each of those values is as follows: 1. minute of the hour, 00 to 59 2. hour of the day, 00 to 32 (military time) 3. day of the month, 1 to 31 4. month of the year, 1 to 12 5. day of the week, sun, mon, tue,.... 6. actual command to execute * an asterisk that matches all possible values, * a single integer that matches that exact value, * a list of integers separated by commas (no spaces) used to match any one of the values * two integers separated by a dash (a range) used to match any value within the range.

When I check my mail with Eudora, it says something about an SSL Certificate and it won't let me check my mail, how do I fix that? 
To access SSL settings for your dominant personality, do the following:
1 From the Tools menu, choose Options.
2 For SSL when receiving mail, scroll and choose Checking Mail. The Checking Mail options window appears.
For SSL when sending mail, scroll and choose Sending Mail. The Sending Mail options window appears.
3 In the Secure Sockets when Receiving (or Sending) field, click the down arrow to display the drop-down menu.
4. Select "Never"

Why can I not get my email using Windows XP and Microsoft Outlook Express 6? I'm getting a "connection failure" message and the Microsoft techs told me MartNet's servers down/at fault/to blame! 

If you have already configured your account, verified your settings, etc., you should be aware that there is a known bug in XP where important files are corrupted. Several fixes might work; deleting/re-entering your username and password, deleting and recreating your account setup in Outlook as per the above link, and anything else your vendor comes up with.

If these or other options fail, the only current option is to reinstall Windows XP, and hope the problem doesn't reoccur until Micro$oft releases a fix for it. We don't try to hide massive system outages from our customers, and if the machines are working perfectly while you are experiencing this problem, this is the most likely cause.

Why can't I get my mail using Netscape? 
If using netscape for your mail check in Options / News and Mail preferances/ Servers and make sure the Incoming and Outgoing fields say: martnet.com all in lower case letters. And that the POP user name has your login name. Do not add the @martnet.com or it won't connect to the mail server. If these are correct then when it asks or your password enter your password just as you did to log onto the service.

Why can't I see my email with Webmail or the shell? I also have Outlook Express... 

Outlook Express, when it reads your messages from our servers, copies them to your computer (or whatever computer Outlook is run from). Then it deletes the originals. Webmail simply "looks" at the messages on the server (in your shell account) and manipulates them directly, i.e., it works with the originals.

If you want to keep the orignals but still use Outlook, do this:

  • In Outlook, go the "Tools" menu (between View and Message).
  • Select "Accounts..."
  • In the wide window that pops up, click the "Mail" tab at the top.
  • Then click on your account in the white space so it's highlighted (highlit?).
  • On the right click "Properties..." (if your account isn't selected, this button will be greyed out). ANOTHER window pops up, but that's MicroSoft for you.
  • Click on the "Advanced" tab at the top (the last one).
  • At the bottom you'll see a "Delivery" heading. Check the box next to "Leave a copy of messages on server," and that obviously will stop Oulook from deleting them.

    The two checkboxes below are optional: the "...after X days" option will automagically kill the originals after that many days. It won't ask first, so be careful.

    The "...when deleted" option means when you delete them in Outlook, the originals will be permanently deleted too. With this option off, you can delete the copies in Outlook and still see them in Webmail.

    Remember that no matter what options you choose, you must occassionally delete the originals from the server (by any method) or else your account will fill up and choke.

Why can't i send mail through another mail server while I am dialed in Martnet?   
A mail filtering program has been implimented on our dialup network to only allow users to send mail through Martnet mail servers. This is an anti-spam measure that helps cut down on Spam problems and bandwidth overloads on the network. Today we are adding a few of the most popular free mail providers (yahoo, bigfoot, hotmail, etc..) to our allowed mail relaying list so that you will be able send mail through our mail servers but with your return address from your other email provider. Your outgoing mail server on your mail programs account setups will have to be changed to the martnet outgoing mail servers. (either mail.martnet.com if you are a dial up only customer or postoffice.YOURDOMAIN.com if you are a hosting customer)

Why can't I use Microsoft Exchange after moving my computer off-campus / out of the office? 

The short version is that Exchange is a mailserver system for corporate (or school) intranets, that is, for the computers on campus / in the office building. There is a physical server running Exchange at your school which only computers on your school network can access. Therefore, using exchange will be impossible anywhere else...

We don't run an Exchange Server, but if we did you'd have to be in our office to use it, basically... exchange will still look for your school's / office's internal network. It won't find it. Sorry...

If you're reading this, then chances are you'll now need to know how to set up Outlook. The same basic steps are used for Outlook Express.

Why can't i send mail through another mail server while I am dialed into Martnet?  
A mail filtering program has been implimented on our dialup network to only allow users to send mail through Martnet mail servers. This is an anti-spam measure that helps cut down on Spam problems and bandwidth overloads on the network. Today we are adding a few of the most popular free mail providers (yahoo, bigfoot, hotmail, etc..) to our allowed mail relaying list so that you will be able send mail through our mail servers but with your return address from your other email provider. Your outgoing mail server on your mail programs account setups will have to be changed to the martnet outgoing mail servers. (either mail.martnet.com if you are a dial up only customer or postoffice.YOURDOMAIN.com if you are a hosting customer)

Why do I get a "No transport provider" error when I try to send my to people through Outlook Express?  
The 'No transport provider' is a generic error issued by Microsoft for a variety of reasons. Please view the following article from their KB for more information:


Why does is the time on my email set incorrectly? Are the time clocks on your server set to the wrong time? 
All of the clocks on our servers sync up with MIT's time server 4 times daily. Our mail servers will NOT adjust the timestamp of messages sent through the SMTP server from POP or IMAP clients . Those timestamps are generated by the local client (ie Outlook, Eudora, etc..) so, you might want to check the clock on your machine if you're having problems.

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